Our Firm

Founded in April 2009, Archer Asia is an independent multi-family office group established by a team of dedicated investment and operations professionals with multiple years of direct experience with investing in hedge funds and absolute return funds in Asia. Our mission is to be the partner of choice for global private allocators seeking a trusted channel to access the Asian investment opportunity.

Archer Asia has a strategic partnership with Rockhampton Management Limited. In October 2009, the Archer Asia Fund, an Asia-focused multi-strategy fund of hedge funds, was launched seeded with principal capital. Archer Asia also works closely with families and private institutions to create bespoke investment solutions designed to address the specific requirements of each group.

Our scope of services include:

Archer Asia Fund
An Asia-focused multi-strategy fund of hedge funds
Investment Advisory
Archer Asia Advisory
Intelligence and due diligence on hedged and absolute return funds in Asia
Bespoke Portfolio Management
Archer Asia Solutions
Customized portfolio construction platform to suit investors needs

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